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SlipKnits - The place for ALL fiber enthusiasts

We are Knitters - Crocheters - Spinners - Weavers - Hookers - Fiber Dyers - Felters - Stitchers

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Finding inspiration at every turn.


SlipKnits is a very unusual local yarn store. Within the walls of our store you will find unexpected inspiration, endless possibilities, and like-minded people sharing the passion of creativity and fiber!.

We knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye, hook, embroider, embellish and much, much more!


At SlipKnits you can always find something fresh and new, plus we believe it only takes a minimal effort to make the ordinary special.

Events at SlipKnits


Curated Yarns

Yarn Snobs Unite! We carry yarns from across town to across the world.



Alpaca, cotton, hemp, silk, wool . . .



Whether you're a longtime knitter
or just starting your first project,
we invite you to check out our 
flock today!

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