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Slip-Knits ATTITUDE 2022
Conscious Creation Challenge:   An ATTITUDE Scarf . . . 

2022 Attitude Scarf . . . A Challenge
Think about it! A WHOLE year of your attitude knit or crochet into one long map, 2.5K stitches, 768 rows, 365 days, 10 minutes per day MAX and done— a scarf that represents YOUR ATTITUDES of 2022!


Are you a morning person and set the attitude of the day, or will you sit down in the evening and sum up your day! 


THE KIT contains 12 skeins of yarn and a needle or hook and a daily chart! You will knit or crochet 2 rows day!  That's it!  365 days, 768 rows, (beginning 8 rows, end 8 rows, daily 2 row and monthly breaks 2 rows each) . 

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 10.09.13
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