Slip-Knits 2021

Conscious Creation Challenge:
A Mood Scarf . . . 

What is your mood today?

What do you want your mood to be?

2021 Mood Scarf!  Have you ever thought about it? What would a WHOLE year of conscious emotions/moods knit or crochet into one long map, 2.5K stitches, 768 rows, 365 days, 10 minutes per day MAX and done— a scarf that represents YOUR MOODS of 2021!


Are you a morning person and will create as you wake up and pick a mood for the day, or will you sit down at the end of your day and pick a mood that sums up your day! 


  How it works!  You pick 8-15 colors for YOUR custom 2021 Mood Scarf Kit kit - based on the color chart to the left.  Your CUSTOM kit will be ready in the store by December 31, 2020. 


In general: Each day of 2021 you will knit or crochet 2 rows!  That's it!  365 days, 768 rows, (beginning 8 rows, end 8 rows, daily 2 row and monthly breaks 2 rows each) .