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SlipKnits has MOVED into our NEW LOCATION
1109 West Omaha St.
(next to Eileen's Cookies)

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Friday Evening, September 29, 5-8PM:   Knit & Crochet

StevenBe Legendary: The Best of StevenBe  

Large Group Presentation with great snacks RSVP required . . . $15

Immerse yourself for a few hours as StevenBe broadens your horizons and changes your knitting or crochet life with inspirational StevenBe philosophies, techniques, and true-ish stories!

This unique workshop is designed to be an amazing opportunity to have fun while learning StevenBe’s personal glossary of Tips & Tricks of a Lazy Knitter. 

StevenBe sets you free from patterns as written and helps you feel comfortable making your own modifications and design decisions, releasing the hidden designer within you!

Experience the magic of mixology with the King of Fiber Fusion himself! Learn the amazing effects created by taking a variety of yarns from different brands, weights, and fiber contents to create magical and unique garments and elaborate accessories. You will never look at a pattern the same way again!


Saturday Morning, September 30, 9 AM-Noon  : Crochet

Briochet! A unique technique for Crochet

Why should knitters have all the fun!?

Small Group Workshop: RSVP required . . . $30

Further your crochet repertoire with a new technique inspired by knitted brioche a.k.a. Briochet (Developed by Deanne Ramsay). 

• Create a stunning double-layer fabric with a unique two-sided stitch pattern
of vertical lines on one side and horizontal on the other.

• Learn how to work the basic brioche stitch in a spiral for continuous stripes
using contrasting y
arns for a dynamic and personalized look!


      Saturday Afternoon, September 30, 1-4:30PM   : Knit

BeBasic: Short Rows  The Lazy Knitter’s Guide to Short Rows!

Small Group Workshop RSVP required . . . $30

Do you want to impress your friends with gorgeous short row curves but you're not in the mood for intense technical knitting? Worry no more! Allow StevenBe, the ultimate Lazy Knitter, to show you the way to beautiful and stress-free knitting! 

• Learn StevenBe’s unique short row technique to make an amazing cowl, stress-free!

• Work smarter, not harder!

 • Create something truly unique that looks like it took months to finish!

• Be lazy yet fabulous!

• And don't worry...what happens in class stays in class. 


               Sunday Afternoon October1, 1-4:30PM Knit

Colors and Combining and Textures! Oh My!
Let Ste
ven “Be” your crystal ball!  
Discover your true colors with a little StevenBe Magic!

Small Group Workshop: RSVP required . . . $30

Get a glimpse of your true colors and discover your inner fiber artist! Are you a dignified yet fabulous classic like Coco Chanel? A fiery red spotlight seeker like StevenBe? Only StevenBe can reveal this and inspire you to express your unique personality to make your knitting/crochet more about YOU. Learn to use your color loves and color shoves, to elevate your knits to the next level!


Sunday Evening October 1, 5-8PM

Walk the Runway with StevenBe!

Interactive Large Group Presentation with dinner  RSVP required . . . $15

StevenBe will be the Master of Ceremonies for our custom fashion show!
Known to keep the audience engaged and inspired, he’ll create a memorable experience
showcasing StevenBe samples, shop samples and your samples.

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