FUN-damentals of Knitting:

Warning: Knitting is an art that’s very addicting while you create beautiful things for your family and friends! Come join us and learn with confidence to knit, purl, work the stockinette stitch, how to do ribbing and binding-off while reading/following 6 different patterns. Students will learn to cast on and will create an impressive scarf as their first project! NOTE: Additional $40 supply fee paid to instructor at class (includes yarn, needles, etc).




Crochet Therapy:

Are you curious about crochet? Or maybe you want to refresh your skills and learn some new stitches, tips and tricks? This class will have you crocheting like a pro! The basics of crochet are addressed, from choosing the right yarns for your project, learning the basic stitches and a bit of crochet terminology, pattern reading, and learning to count all while making really cool stuff! Everything you need is provided (hook, good yarn, and great patterns) for you to begin your crocheting adventure.  NOTE: Additional $30 supply fee paid to instructor at class.  



Advanced Knitting Techniques:

Ok, you’re already addicted to knitting...yay! You’ve made scarves and washcloths, know how to knit, purl, cast-on and bind off, and you’re wondering what’s next? Join me as I guide you through manipulating your knitting with different techniques that enhance your knitting skills for the next amazing chapter in your knitting adventure. NOTE: Additional $40 supply fee paid to instructor at class. 




Socks on Saturdays!:

Socks are not as hard as you think…and you’re going to have a blast learning the magic loop method of making TWO socks at one time on ONE needle! This is an advanced knitting technique so you must already know how to knit as we’ll make a baby pair for practice and cast-on your adult size before class is over to start a full size pair.  NOTE: Additional $40 supply fee paid to instructor which includes a 40” circular needles and sock yarn. No class on February 22nd or April 25th. 




Let's Create a Colorful Tote Bag:

Nobody can have too many totes, right?! You will LOVE this class and LOVE the tote bag you create even more! Come join us as we mix and match colorful wool's and fibers to knit and felt an awesome tote bag. THEN we’ll learn to felt (or shrink) the materials to a workable size….it’s like science in action! This is an advanced knitting technique, so you must be comfortable knitting. NOTE: Additional $50 supply fee paid to instructor at class.