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 Homeschool Creative Adventures February & March 2021

Join Me This Friday -   Feb 12.   11-1pm  

Have a HeART Valentines Creations  

$15 per kid 


This is for kids with good attention span!  $65 per kid

    Includes all supplies and loom for use during class.

    This is a four-part workshop. We will assemble our looms.
Choose your yarns. Learn to weave and finish
a super cool wall piece for your bedroom.


           Mondays  11:00 -1:00        Fridays   11:00-1:00     

                       Feb. 15         Feb. 19      Weaving A Wallhanging  

       Feb 22          Feb 26       Weaving A Wallhanging  

       March 1     March 5     Weaving A Wallhanging

       March 8       Mach 12     Weaving A Wallhanging


FUN in ’21   

These classes are for anyone!  

We will start with St. Patrick's Day and End with Easter!  

How does that sound!  $65 per kid

    Includes all supplies for use during class.


                                                                     Mondays 1:30 -3:00                Fridays1:30-3:00

                                                                          Feb. 15                         Feb. 19     Needle Felting a Leprechaun!

                                                           Needle felting does use SHARP needles, NO HORSEPLAY ALLOWED!

                                                                          Feb 22                          Feb 26      Finish your Leprechaun

                                                                          March 1                        March 5    Felt Embellishing

                                                                          March 8                       March 12   Eggscellent egg decoration

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