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A Wallaby is a very popular pullover knitting pattern from the mid 80’s.

Wallaby Wednesday’s Sessions:
Part 1: August 7 (AM Session)11am-1pm (PM Session) 5-7pm
Part 2: August 14 (AM Session)11am-1pm (PM Session) 5-7pm
Part 3: August 21 (AM Session)11am-1pm (PM Session) 5-7pm
Part 4: August 28 (AM Session)11am-1pm (PM Session) 5-7pm

Obviously a Wallaby has a front pocket knit right in and a variety of collars or even a hood to finish. This is a simple knit, with some complex techniques, that you will take forward in all aspects of your knitting.

45$ Class includes 8 hours of class time and patterns for adult and child. Yarn and needles for your gauge not included.

This class will run through August. I suggest a kids Wallaby for your first one! I doubt of you can make just one

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