Twining is an old weaving technique that has been adapted over the last century to make rag rugs. Twining is probably the most "homemade" kind of weaving. Strips of fabric are interwoven on a simple loom to make attractive and very durable rugs, placemats and table runners.


Join us for this THREE PART class and make your own twined piece.

$45 per person includes

instruction, misc supplies

and use of a loom during class.

Registration required. Limited to 6.

You MUST come with 

Old Sheets, T-shirts, Jeans,
or polyester pieces.

Tuesday, October 6


prepare material 

make strips and assemble


Tuesday, October 13


Warping and start twining . . . 
and twining. . . and twining. . . 
and take home . . . 
and twine.


Tuesday, October 20


Finishing Techniques and Celebration!


polyester pants

sheets: cotton

old jeans

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